Press Release

Admissions is a character driven, feature-length creative nonfiction film exploring the highly personal stories of four undocumented college students:  Blanca, Charlie, Viridiana and Jong Min. Trapped at the intersection of education policy and broken immigration systems, the obstacles these students face—financial, legal and psychological—are presented, demonstrating the dehumanizing effects of marginalization and unequal educational access.

Poignant narratives—a seventeen-year-old discovering his unauthorized status, an angry young adult being accompanied by her mother to buy fake papers, a college student being expected to train his own boss, and the identity crisis which arises when a student returns to Mexico speaking “like a gringo”—unfold seamlessly, deconstructing the nuances of surviving as an undocumented student in a deeply flawed and politicized educational system. At the intersection of personal narrative, art and education, Admissions delves into the inherent contradictions and psychological implications of being an undocumented student in higher education.

Featuring experimental sound design, unsynchronized imagery, and a sophisticated metaphorical language, Admissions creates a space in which new forms of struggle and dialogue emerge.